The origins of Mesoamerica are based on a clear focus on strategy that we share with our sister organizations Bain & Company and Bain Capital.

Mesoamerica began in 1996 as a private equity fund; the investment banking and strategic consulting practices were added in 1998 with the creation of Mesoamerica Investments, founded by Harry Strachan, Luis Javier Castro, Alejandro Lozano and Julius Landell-Mills.

Currently, Mesoamerica helps transform businesses in the Central American and Andean Region by creating value for investors and society, focusing on strategic planning and consulting.  Mesoamerica has offices in San José and Bogotá, serving clients in all of Latin-America.  Its business focus is derived from a unique combination: advisory, fund management and social investment (through the Mesoamerica Foundation).

Since the beginning, the firm has adapted world class knowledge and proven methodologies to the region’s business environment and challenges. Mesoamerica concentrates on serving local companies, family businesses and multi-regional groups, assisting them in identifying where value can be created and helping them capture that value – either through defined growth strategies, mergers and acquisitions, or joint ventures, among others. Since its foundation it has accumulated vast experience in different industries, geographies and disciplines.   

Mesoamerica is proud to be the firm that attracts the best talent in order to contribute to the region’s development.  Its team includes more than 10 nationalities and is comprised of professionals coming from the world’s top universities, with experience in several of the leading international consulting firms and international investment banking firms. The team is guided by a set of principles which serve as the foundation for always keeping their objectives in line with those of its clients

Additionally, Mesoamerica’s close relationship to Bain & Company (strategic consulting) and to Bain Capital (private equity) has allowed it to be on top of the best and most innovative practices.  

As part of the firm’s interest in offering world-class services to its clients, in 2007 Mesoamerica became part of IMAP as a partner representing Central America and as of 2010, also representing Colombia.  IMAP is an M&A network with 45 member firms in over 30 countries, thus being a world leader in M&A organizations.

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